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place that will force us to deal with the 88% of the spending that coness is even talking about right now, nor is the present. and will force the -- congress and the president for comprehensive tax reform. that is essential. let us differentiate the short term from structural unless tried to make progress on both fronts. host: jesse is a democrat from chicago. good morning. caller: i have a quick question, mr. walker. here in chicago we keep on aring that the tax bracket for the upper 1% of america, if that was to be taken away, and were paying their fair share, how much of an immediate impact would that make on our financial situation? thank you. guest: there is absolutely no question that those that earn more and have more wealth a going to have to pay higher taxes. at the same point in time, we need to make a lot of other
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reforms, too. the lead bidder not, about 46% of americans pay no income taxes whatsoever -- believe it or not. yes, they do pay payroll taxes for social security or medicare, but the taxes they pay for social security and medicare are not adequate to fund the benefits promised. so, we are going to have to engaged in comprehensive tax reform to make sure that reform to make sure that everybody who

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